Monday, 23 October 2017

Why to Outsource Document Data Entry Services?

Document data entry
Global companies Outsource Document Data Entry services to the service providers in India to reduce their operational costs and increase productivity. All sorts of documents need to be digitized, as they are safe to be stored, easily sharable and accessible from different devices. Therefore, you need to choose the right company when you plan to assign a third-party professional with these services. The format for document data entry also varies from one company to the other. You may specify a format to the experts, which will be followed by them. Well, you may think of having your own team of experts, but it will result in rising costs of maintenance and divert your focus from the core business. The ideal option is to seek expert assistance by partnering one of the companies in India.

Advantages of document data entry

Documents, when stored in the electronic format, is immune to physical damage. Fire, water and other elements may damage the original documents, but when you have the soft copies of these documents stored in the cloud system or multiple locations, you can stay free from all these worries. When you Outsource Document Data Entry services to the companies based in India, the experts incorporate the information in the desired format. They can easily be shared among different branches of a company and among the employees. Thus, you need to bank on a reliable company that provides you with affordable services.

Choosing the right company

If you are planning to Outsource Document Data Entry services to a reliable partner, have a look into their infrastructure, manpower and abilities. Choose a company with a positive track record to reap good returns. A number of companies provide document data entry services at affordable rates. You can leverage your business when you have one of these companies to rely upon. The experts are ready to assist you with the needful.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Outsource Text and Numeric Data Entry Services to India: How to Reduce Costs?

Text and numeric data are relevant to all sorts of business. The internal operation, as well as the accounts department deals requires numeric data in the electronic format. Entering these figures in the system calls for certain level of expertise that only professionals possess. It is pointless to squander your valuable time over these non-core aspects, when you have reliable partners to accomplish them for you. Most of the companies, both international and domestic, outsource text and numeric data entry services to India to experts. These third-party service providers are equipped with the desired machinery and human resources. You are relieved from the burden of hiring full-time professionals in your company.

Cost control and increment in productivity are two pedestals every company wishes to mount on and you would too be not an exception to the said. While the companies providing text and numeric data entry servicesin India have competitive pricing, you can increase your productivity by focussing on your in-house resources and managing them with more efficiency.

What do Numeric Data Include?

Numeric data are present in various types of documents including product bills, invoice, bank statements, phone numbers, addresses and so on. Each type of document deserves a unique treatment in terms of presentation and organisation which must be taken into consideration. 

Besides, information on credit and debit cards, parametric values and market survey forms also have a mix of text and numeric values. It is necessary to ensure that no mistake finds its way to the databases. The experts filter out all the errors from the documents and deliver the services well before schedule.

Look out for a reliable company specializing in text and numeric data entry services in India to refine your online and offline databases. This will be a great boon for the future of your business. 

Monday, 7 August 2017

3 Important Elements to Consider while Hiring a Data Entry Team

Getting the support from an experienced and professional data entry services provider in India is crucial to the overall quality of the work done. However, it is always said easier than done, but the quality of the team you select is of paramount importance which you can’t simply overlook because of certain obvious reasons.
Outsource data entry services

In the grand scheme of things, paying attention to 3 crucial elements will always help you make certain that you are getting the right data entry agency in India to help you.

Let us nee now so that you never ever make any mistake in this regard.

Check for Accuracy of the Process: As data entry is a task where 100% accuracy required, there is no way you can compromise on this. If the data is going to an interconnected database, even a smaller error can snowball into a larger issue. Hence, hire a data entry agency in India who delivers 100% accuracy—not 99.99 or 99.98.

The Turnaround Time: If you have a time frame within which you need the project done and returned, ensure that your data entry service provider can do it for you. Communicate the same to them effectively and let them know about your requirements and hire the data entry agency in India if only they can meet your requirements.

Affordability: Another important factor is the cost involved in the whole affair. If the data entry company in India that you are trying to sign a contract with is not affordable, there is no pint in hiring them. The whole point of hiring an outsource data entry service in India revolves around the economy of operation.

Paying attention to these elements will sure help you get associated with the best data entry service provider in India who meets all your requirements adeptly.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

6 Smart Ways To Make Data Capture Services More Effective

Technological advancements have led to a lot of innovations in data mining where data is collected from manual records, web content, doc files and more to turn it into digital format. The immense popularity of data mining and its significance in business development has made outsourcing of data mining quite popular among businesses. Data mining helps to sift through tons of data that get piled by every day in the forms of brochures, survey reports, forms and letters among others and organize it in the most concise and easily accessible digital format.

Data Capture Services

Data Capture is the sum total of the processes used to identify and extract data from scanned documents. Having the right data can make or break a right business decision for organizations and when they have to deal with loads of data sources on a day to day basis, effective data capture methods can have a great impact on improving the operational efficiencies. By employing some smart data capturing methods, you can ensure the best quality data that will serve as a decisive road map in your business development and diversification processes.

Manual capture:

It is the customary way of data capture where a data entry operator will key in the data manually using software tools like Excel and  Word processor among others. Though it is highly labor intensive and prone to errors , manual data capturing still remains one of the common data capture methods still used by business organizations. As it requires a very high typing speed and accuracy, manual data capture is best outsourced for firms that do not have adequate internal resources to handle this.

Automatic data capture:

In this method digital technology is employed to capture data. Though this method is more accurate than manual data mining, it involves a high start up cost of acquiring suitable software and tools, which in the long run will be less compared to the benefits it offer.

Optical character recognition:

This technology enables data capture from image files, printed documents and editable texts without having to retype it all over. It is fast and precise and will retain all the fonts and alignments as such in the digital format as well.

Intelligent character recognition (ICR):

It is a technology that can be used to turn hand written documents into digital format. It will analyze and handwritten text till it attains the desired accuracy.

Bar code recognition:

It captures information depending on the car codes used. This method is quite useful as it can   recognize a lot of meta tags that are used and this method can be used to capture the data of delivery notes and application forms among others.

Optical Mark Reading (OMR):

This technology will capture human marked  data from  a document such as survey forms, answer sheets, forms etc. It can identity marked and unmarked boxes and will collect data from marked documents.

Organizations employ data capture services to turn data in printed format into digital form in order to ensure easy accessibility and data management. However, most organizationa may not be having the requisite infrastructure and manpower to carry out this time consuming task and that is what makes outsourcing the best possible option.

Why should you outsource data capture services us?

We have many years of experience in handling data capturing services of different complexities for businesses in all genres. We use the latest technology to process external data formats like text, image and audio among others to digital formats of your choice.  Outsourcing will cut down the overhead by over 60% and will help save time and effort for your team, which can be utilized to carry out the core business operations. We ensure a high precise and error free output coupled with the added advantage of 100% data security.

So, if you have been not making use of the advantage of data capture services till now, it is time for you to consider the best option of data capture outsourcing.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Benefits Of Offline Data Entry That You May Not Have Thought About

Big or small, all business organizations need to collect, manage and analyze data in a manner that is appropriate for their business. Offline data entry is a time consuming and meticulous process that needs a lot of time and effort. By outsourcing this task to the experts you can employ your in- house team on the more important revenue generating core business operations.

Why outsource?

By outsourcing offline data entry services to experienced outsourcing partners like online data entry outsourcing you get the dual advantage of the benefits of state of the art infrastructure coupled with the services of a trained team. We undertake multi layer quality check to ensure an error free and high precision output. The best part si that we interact with our clients regularly to make sure that they get what they have envisaged.

Some of the services that we undertake include

  • Offline data entry from various sources like image files, mailing lists and websites
  • Offline form filling, ebooks and catalog
  • label entry and offline data capture and more.

Offline data entry outsourcing is well suited for long term, bulk volume data projects that involve numerous output formats and for creating a data base that do not require immediate access. Offline data entry services require a high dexterity skills, speed and accuracy as the details from various documents have to be keyed in the requisite format.

Offline data entry is not something that everyone can do as it requires a thorough hands on experience and knowledge of computerized office tools.

The main benefits of outsourcing off line data entry services

  • Speedy compilation of data base at competitive rates
  • A high level of accuracy
  • Reduction of operational overheads and better optimization of internal resources
  • Access to the latest software coupled with a well experienced team

We cater to different businesses around the world and offer the best outcome at the shortest turn around time. Avail top notch services at easy rates which will help you to compile a relevant and accurate data base in a format that the clients need.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Outsource Product Adding Services to Reliable Companies in India

Adding products to eCommerce portals turn out to be painstaking tasks, especially when you are in the midst of competition. In the digital age, every second matters in business when you think of updating your portals with new products. You need a tech-savvy bunch of professionals to take care of this department. Companies Outsource Product Adding Services to trusted companies in India and lighten the burden of their tasks. The experts are seasoned in the industry and roll out a wide range of services, right from cataloguing, indexing, writing product descriptions and adding new products to the portals. You need not drain your resources while maintaining a permanent team of employees to execute the services.

What services do the experts provide?

When you compete in the market, you need to keep the portals updated with relent products when they are available in the market. The customers want their requirements to be ‘available’ whenever they need them. Thus, you need to keep the eCommerce portals updated with the desired information. Simply Outsource Product Adding Services to the experts and stay free of all the complicated hassles. These involve a lot of technical knowhow, which is not available in the ordinary professional circuits. Leave these tasks for the professionals.

The experts gather relevant information about the products from different sources. They add product features along with the images. The right placement of images is also important here. You need to prioritize the products according to the demands of your customers. Therefore, it is wise to Outsource Product Adding Services to companies in India who provide reliable services at affordable costs.

Choose the right company to reap the best returns. The professionals are timely and retain the secrecy of the documents. Count on the experts and boost up your business.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Types of Text & Numeric Data Entry Services that You Can Outsource

Text and numeric data call for precision. Whether you maintain an online or offline database, the information needs to be accurate. Eventually, it takes up a lot of time to manually enter these data and verify them. You end up losing your valuable time in business. If you hire full-time specialists to look after these departments, you need to supervise them. Besides, the high labour costs will drain down your resources. The latest business strategy adopted by global firms is to outsource Text & Numeric Data Entry services to India companies. You can partner these third-party professionals and get rid of all these hassles.

 The data entry experts take care of your databases in lines with your recommendations, updating them with the right figures from time to time. Here are different departments that require text and numeric data entry. The contact details of people you deal with need to be updated in your database. This is applicable for your customers and employees too. These services have to be meticulously executed, eliminating all sorts of errors. The professional companies have sophisticated technology and software to detect these flaws. They refine the databases with accurate information. The speed of their services ensures shorter turnaround time. Therefore, you will be at the productive end when you outsource Text & Numeric Data Entry Services to the reliable companies.

Text and numeric data entry service is required by the accounts department of every company. From banks to insurance companies to academic institutions to service-oriented companies, accuracy in maintaining the bills is a must for all these institutions. For accurate parametric values in your bills, invoices and credit or debit card information, you need to bank on these service providers.

The Indian companies dealing with text and numeric data entry services are committed to their clients, maintaining secrecy of their information and delivering the services on time. Choose the right company to partner and steer your business ahead.